Saturday, October 22, 2011


     Hehe, xmboh salam 1malaysia, salam biasa da cukop. Nampak x pics atas tuh, 2 gambor berbeza. Seko po’ke/tokek, seko lagi nyamuk. Skrg ni sume nk kaya cepat, tokek la mangsanya. Aku pn berangan dapat tokek besar kucing. Hahaha. Tokek ni klu sape x tau sebnarnya ialah  klik (hoh ambek,bace sdiri,mlas nk xplain). Punye la laku tokek ni sampai dalam ceruk hutan pn orang gi cari, x aman hidup beliau.
 Masuk bab nyamuk. Huff, ade sape2 y suke nyamuk? Xdop rasenye. Tu la, aku harap nyamuk ni ade la pengkaji2 jumpe khasiat nyamuk ni. Mgkin blh jadi ubat penyakit apa2, mna la tau. Klau la btol, ramai y kaya dan bebas aedes la. Blake pakat cari nyamuk plk. Hahaha. Semua pakai kelambu belubang tido, pagi esok serkup, timbang jual. Pergh, masyukk. Klu seko 50en pn aku sanggup.haha. salam,tu je. Malas dah. Btw, ni rege tokek terkini klau sape2 ade nk jual(jgn cari aku.)
Harga tokek pada January 2011 :
220gram =RM3,000.00-RM5,000.00
230gram =RM5,000.00-RM8,000.00
250gram =RM8,000.00-RM15,000.00
280gram =RM10,000.00 - RM30,000.00
300gram =RM150,000.00-RM200,000.00
350gram =RM200,000.00 ke atas
400gram =RM300,000.00 ke atas
500gram-999gram =RM1,000,000.00-RM5,000,000.00
1000gram- ke atas =RM6,000,000.00- RM50,000,000.00

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gunner Season Review [own]

With two games left for the season, Arsenal looks set to finish 3rd. But if they lose to Villa and Blackpool,Manchester City can pip them. This season Arsenal had been through inconsistent season where they fall in every competition just in a period of 2 month (if i’m not mistaken). Undeserved lose to Birmingham FC in Carling Cup Final was the start of everything. Humiliated by Barcelona at Nou Camp, lost to Manchester United whose fielded a pack of player they should easily beat and lost points in league.

The fallen may be come with something great this season with the emergence of Jack Wilshere, Djourou, Scezny and Song. Not to be forgotten the in form Samir Nasri and lethal finisher of Robin Van Persie.

1.As every gooner can see and watch, the major point of the fall is defensive problem. It had been the problem for many seasons after the Invincible era. Djourou and Koscielny had formed a good partnership at the heart of the defence, but they are not consistent enough. For some games, they made silly mistakes,eg Final carling cup. For Squilacci, he had not up to the expection whom Wenger bought to bring experience,calmness and credibilty at the back, but he himself had been struggling. Arsenal is short of option for defender where they only have Vermaelen,Djourou, Squilacci and Koscielny as their senior defenders. For a club who always have bad luck with injury, they need more reliable backup.
2.       Determination. This is a serious problem that i can see. The like of Fabregas, Diaby and  Arshavin play without passion. The match against Barcelona away, Almunia claimed that some players just walking and i sure Fabregas is in the list.
3.       Finishing. They are known as a team who play beautifull football, short pass, eye catching football or whatsoever but they can’t produce enough goals. Chamakh form cannot be reliable, waste of chances, just like Bendtner. The only reliable goal scorer this season are Samir Nasri and mighty Robin Van Persie.
4.       Many more..sight..

Next season?
                It will be more difficult for Arsenal to challenge for trophies, or even trophy(just hope not another trophyless). With Manchester City in the champion league, for sure there will be many stars arrive there. The like of Manchester United,Spurs,Liverpool and Chelsea are all look great to compete for the league next season.

Everyone will expect Wenger to buy some new players and sell some. So do i. Yes, Wenger nee to sell some to make room for other. Under perfomance ‘star’ need to be shown the exit door. My “list” goes to Diaby, Bendtner, Arshavin, Almunia, Denilson, Squilacci and Fabregas. All of them had contribute so much and will be appreciated. Fabregas had lost his desire to play, even Wenger able to convince him to stay for another season, he’ll not play full hearted, we all can see.
With Wenger, i can’t hope for 40mil signing for a player, that will be impossible. But even in small transfer kitty, he can still strenghten the squad. Goalkeeper no need changes, just hope that Scezny and Fabiansky develop well. Defender? The best choice for me is Christoper Samba. He has the physical attribute, determined player and CHEAP. He will not takes time to adapt because he has been in the league for many seasons and doing well. Another players will be Jagielka and Leighton Baines. Both from Everton. Jagielka, same with Samba has what it takes to play for Arsenal, plus experince. Baines can offer more, set piece (free kick). Some says that we already have the best left beck in the league in Clichy,yes we have, but not enough. With the arrival of Baines, Clichy can work harder to claims first 11 and so do Baines. For midfielder, i just hope West Ham relegate and they can snap the service of Scot Parker. An influential defensive midfielder who can bring what had been lost in Arsenal, true leadership. Striker? We have RVP,Chamakh and Vela. Lets hope Chamakh and Vela fully prepared for next season because they have what it takes to be as good as RVP. Maybe Odemwingie as partner for RVP.

And not to be forgotten, full change of medical department. LOL. They had been issues with injury season by season so that pointed out the weakness of medical department of Arsenal. Maybe there are some problem about it. Keep that in mind. Thanks for reading.  

Saturday, April 30, 2011

bersama bersama bersamamu...
bersamamu walau kemana jua, lautan dalam ku redah,
gunung tinggi bukan pemisah, antara kita...

haaa,sape2 xleh nk teka ni ape ke bendanya bersamamu neh, ni la lirik lagu iklan Digi. Bkn ape, tgk pade lagu dan iklan, sampai ke bulan pn ade line digi, dalam laut pon ade..tapi,pergh, harem..kat bandor pn dok line in line out je..blom msok utan panjat gunung lagi..iklan nk best je..huh!!2 je la nk ngabo nye..rezak ngat pon..hee..apa2 pun,layan video ni,mmg *&*%# gile,tp aku like..haha